Hjem fra Flensborg

indsendt 2. jun. 2010 01.11 af Flemming Madsen   [ opdateret 9. feb. 2011 06.30 ]
We had a fine trip home, with the added opportunity of learning how to handle the unexpected:

Tuesday evening when the wind had settled to around 15 knots, we went to Sønderborg for the night. Wednesday we started out at bridge opening at 6:30 and headed north. We were able to set sail shortly north of Als, but otherwise, it mostly turned against us so we headed straight at it.

When we were off Juelsminde, the machine then started to loose revs a couple of times, and shortly after it came to a complete stop and was unable to start again. We set the genoa and thought a little about our options :). We then made a few tacks into Samsø Bælt and round midnight anchored off Kolby Kås for the night. Thursday morning we made it easily to Århus. I was able to start the machine for port entry, and had it running for backup while we headed for an easy docking with the genoa.

My theory is that we were striding against some 15 knots of wind with the machine with 50 liters of diesel washing around in a 200 l tank. All the dirt in the  bottom of the tank were stirred up and caused either the exit hose on the tank, or the fuel filter to congest.

When safe at bay in Århus, we ensured that diesel could run freely from the tank, and then changed the fuel filters. This fixed things and the machine were running smoothly again so we could take her to our allotted berth.

We are very pleased with the ship and the way she handled herself in the various conditions. All your praises seem to be well justified :)